Crowns & Bridges in Laguna Hills, CA

Restorative Procedures Deliver the Ultimate in Cosmetic Appeal

Crowns and Bridges Blend Seamlessly With Your Smile

Restoring oral health, function and brilliance to your smile may involve the placement of dental crowns and bridges. Crowns are used to rebuild, cover and protect teeth damaged from decay, wear, cracks or fractures, while bridges fill gaps in the smile left by missing teeth. As a leading practice in the community, the Center for Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry of Laguna Hills provides highly cosmetic crown and bridge restorations rivaling the look and feel of natural teeth.

Balancing Your Bite for a Gorgeous Smile

Restoring harmony to the bite and smile, crowns are full coverage restorations typically made of porcelain or other high-quality tooth-colored material. These restorations are customized for your mouth and rise from the gum line for a natural cosmetic appeal. Crowns offer numerous benefits to your smile, including:

  • Stabilize the bite
  • Restore and balance the smile line
  • Improve eating ability
  • Deliver strength and durability
  • Offer stain-resistance
  • Provide a natural look and feel
  • Protect root canal treated teeth
  • Restore single dental implants

Replacing Teeth for a Complete Smile

Dental bridges are custom-designed to replace teeth lost to gum disease, tooth decay, injury or other factors. Depending on your unique circumstances, your bridge may consist of two or more crown units discreetly crafted into a single appliance, the ends of which fit securely over teeth adjacent to the open space. Bridges afford benefits such as:

  • Return biting and chewing function
  • Eliminate spacing left by tooth loss
  • Create a natural appearance
  • Offer durability and stain-resistance
  • Permanently affix for a secure fit
  • Maintain positioning of neighboring teeth
  • Rise from the gum line for a beautiful smile

Expert Care From an Experienced Prosthodontist

When it comes to your smile and oral health, finding the right dental professional to deliver the results you need is quite important. As a member of the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics and faculty member of Loma Linda University’s Restorative Dentistry department, Dr. Antoanela Garbacea is distinguished in the field and highly adept at delivering extremely esthetic, precision-based crown and bridge services for our patients. Trust your smile and dental health to the skilled, experienced hands of our expert.

Crown and bridge restorations from the Center for Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry of Laguna Hills not only repair damage to your oral health, these procedures also restore cosmetic appeal for a vibrant, youthful smile. Contact our practice today to reserve your personalized consultation and learn if crown or bridge treatment is right for you.

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